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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Chiru Likely to get into Politics

It's true that Chiranjeevi is likely in getting into Politics. A Press Conference was held by Chiranjeevi over this. It is also stated that Chiranjeevi is thinking of starting up his own party out there to compete. It seems he will support the third front. After a huge Star dum with his movies and Social welfare works Chiranjeevi has stepped out for Politics..There are huge drama's regarding this going on. But still the Official words regarding the party have not come out. Prior to Chiru there are many film star's who have come into Politics and Sr.N.T.R is an example. Hope Chiru is the future CM as N.T.R did it..


kranthi said...

Yes Chiru Is definatley a crowd puller and a large sector of caste 37% BC people would turn around and many others , but I personally dont think this should be the right time to venture in to politics, becasuse chiru might get attacked with ruthless words from Fox politics on Srija Episode, They may say He cant rule his own people how can he look after people, thouh chiru has given lot to people by serving them back , I think he should wait till 2014 general election , and get tied up with Rajinikanth as well to float a unilatral third form which can give third party for all south india on good groung . comments pls

Sanath Babji said...

yes,what u have said is absolutely right..They will be surely waiting for the chance to attack chiranjeevi with those words...but 2014 is too long i hope..Just upto next year is okk..I mean next election time..