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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I watched Don today..

Nagarjuna's new movie DON has to be released on 20th here but due to some problems which we don't know it released on 21st.As I am a fan of Nag , I was so eager to watch him on the big screen for this movie. Raghava Lawrence the Choreo cum director became a Musician too with this movie. I watched the movie today and I felt it was good..Anushka played opposite for Nagarjuna in the movie. Lawrence also acted in this movie..

Coming to the story of the movie, Nagarjuna role's name is Sooreedu, the DON( who always thinks that people must be happy)..Lawrence (Raghava) is his brother like..They both help people who are in need and other stuffs..There is a good show technical values in the beginning. I liked the background music much.. Once Nagarjuna falls in love with Anushka and songs then are pretty good..Then enters the Vilan of the Movie. He is the one who wants to conquer all the states and keep his name high as a Big DON.So he sends a person to get treaty with Nag.But he rejects it...Then after all the fights and all,the villain thinks that Nagarjuna is a supreme power and waits for time to kill him...Then he sends in Nikitha as which they can't suspect and Lawrence falls in love with her.They find him single and take him and anushka away..Then they kill him and asks nag to come over and fight to find out whoz the real DON...then a big climax fight goes on between the villain and Nag..There is a rule that 2 persons from the gang will be killed if one of them falls down once..So Nag will give him heavy blows to finally get him down and finally kills him...Thats the end of the story...

I felt the way some scenes were taken are really good to watch rather than tell..I really loved the movie and also can say it is hit, but we don't know about people's pulse...What they might be thinking of???

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to the Superstar

Superstar Rajni Kanth is celebrating his 57th Birthday today..There is no fanfare or no loud noises for this birthday.It was quite simple.He was born on 12th december 1950 in a Maharashtrian family in Karnataka.Even after a huge success of his latest flick SIVAJI it is seen that Rajni celebrated his birthday as usual by sending gifts to the Orphanages and Old age homes as he does every year...He is one of the TREND SETTERS in the film industry.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Will Balakrishna enter politics?

This is a hot topic now everywhere.Will Balakrishna enter Politics?It is being observed that due to the impact of Chiranjeevi all the leading parties are in a confusion of their sustainability. They are all totally fearing up and are making urgent meetings regarding this. So it is being said that Chandra babu naidu is trying to get Balaiah also into the attack and make the impact of Chiru let down. So lets wait and watch what happens..In d mean while please post ur comments on this issue..

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Watch Lakshyam Movie

Watch Lakshyam Part 1

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Pokiri still Winning

Prince Mahesh Babu is awarded the Santosham Film awards Best Actor award for his film POKIRI. POKIRI was such a huge hit that it was readily converted int o many languages. Director Puri Jagannadh's proved that he can touch the audience pulse with his movies.The movie was a retreat for Prince fan's and there were a lot of repeated audience too. Now even after a year the Movie has won a award for Mahesh babu in Dubai. It shows the effect of POKIRI on telugu cinema..

Chiru Likely to get into Politics

It's true that Chiranjeevi is likely in getting into Politics. A Press Conference was held by Chiranjeevi over this. It is also stated that Chiranjeevi is thinking of starting up his own party out there to compete. It seems he will support the third front. After a huge Star dum with his movies and Social welfare works Chiranjeevi has stepped out for Politics..There are huge drama's regarding this going on. But still the Official words regarding the party have not come out. Prior to Chiru there are many film star's who have come into Politics and Sr.N.T.R is an example. Hope Chiru is the future CM as N.T.R did it..

Sunday, December 2, 2007

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Best Blood bank award for Chiranjeevi Blood bank

It is known that Megastar Chiranjeevi has started a blood and eye bank to serve the poor people who cannot pay the huge amount of hospital bills and all for their treatments and all. We are so happy to inform you that it has won the Best blood bank award for the year 2007. This is the fifth consecutive time that this blood bank is winning this award. This function was held at Public gardens and the award was collected by CCF trustee Allu Aravind from the hands of Chief Minister Y.S.Raja sekhar Reddy.